Created by Lydia Mack, Yes She Can is a community dedicated to diversifying the female founder narrative in LA. Our mission is to support this city’s hardworking women and the businesses they run, with an eye on diversity and inclusion. Through events and shared resources, we connect women who are doing their best work offline, the women who are risk-takers and changemakers doing good work, but aren't necessarily seeking the spotlight.





Yes She Can is a community of no-bullshit, hardworking women. Your time is a hot commodity. Every week we send a newsletter featuring money and time-saving resources, tips, and all the buzz happening around LA that affects your life as a female entrepreneur.


Monthly Meetups


Every first Friday, we meet up for a morning of co-working and making new friends with fellow female founders. We keep the group small because a) it's cozier and makes for better conversations, and b) most of us are introverts and would rather be at home in sweatpants than out doing networky things. Wanna hang with us? Learn more about Monthly Meetup.