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Pitch Session: A Day-Long Idea-Development and Pitching Workshop with Ann Friedman and Jade Chang (SOLD OUT)

Hosted by magazine-editors-turned-writers Ann Friedman and Jade Chang. Intended for people who have some writing and publishing experience. This intimate day-long workshop will mimic the experience of an editorial meeting. In it, you'll:

  • Turn your half-baked ideas into compelling, specific pitches,
  • Face your fear of rejection,
  • Rethink your relationships with editors,
  • Get actionable feedback on your past pitches,
  • Gain insight into the factors that *really* drive editorial decisions,
  • Learn how to set a timetable so your pitches aren't stuck in limbo,
  • Get editors' contact information so you can actually pitch them, and, duh,
  • Write at least two really solid pitch emails.

Cost: $250
Register here.