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WRKSPC Oasis Business Workshop: Get To Know Your Customers + Clarify Your Value Proposition

Get to Know Your Customers + Clarify Your Value Proposition with Rachael Parker-Chavez

What is a value proposition?
It is the value your product or service has to offer to your customers.

This is the most important aspect of your business!
This workshop will incorporate hands-on practical applications of methods and tools to help business owners and entrepreneurs gain clarity, increase their reach and grow their business. We’ll get clear on your customer segments and value propositions, two key building blocks of your business model. Learn how to create a feedback loop so you know your value propositions are on point and you're speaking the language of your audience - and pull it all together with a messaging exercise to make sure you’re articulating the essence of your business in a way that's clear and captivating. We’ll take time to put everything into practice and get feedback as you work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs.

Cost: $38, or $30 when you purchase a WRKSPC Oasis Day Pass.
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