Intuitive Medium Jill Willard's Tips for Balancing the Hustle

Jill Willard pink scarf

I feel the hustle might be very overrated and soon we will notice this – ladies first for sure. Yet there are a few tips to bridge these times.

1. To stay in balance we must pause a bit more to balance the brain. Our choices affect our everyday balance, choices like thoughts, fast movements, feelings, or moves based on stress or fear. We can become imbalanced when our choices are motivated by the feeling or belief that we can control or help to move fate.

2. The hustle itself is still a bit masculine. Focus more on your feminine side of authentic connection and rest, which will help your balance. The interesting thing is that males are breaking down from this constant hustle as well.

3. Understand energy. Slowly think more about the quality of your thoughts and actions rather than the sheer quantity of actions. An excess of actions can be rooted in fear or deep, unrealized feelings of lack.

4. Connection and care is everything for longterm success. A good bosslady will know that the new hustle is finding ways not to hustle, and rather to go within and stay authentic, true to yourself with every decision you make for you, your staff, and your team.

5. Intention is everything. So make every choice count. Listen to what your body is asking of you and follow your gut to take steps that may decrease hustle but increase productivity and allow chance/luck/fate to step in. Sometimes the hustle does not let fate step in as early as it wishes. Your intention and choices are two of your greatest allies right now. 

6. Slow and steady wins the race. What rises fast may come down just as quickly if it is not calmly sustained. Hustle brings a lot of bustle (rush, dash, hurry, scurry) and this is the time of thoughtfully slowing down for more meaningful connections.