It's Time For All of Us to Thrive, Not Just Survive Says Intuitive Medium Jill Willard


The times are a-changing, something many of us have wished for for a long time. As we have seen lately, the times of closed doors and closets are over. It is a time of truth and integrity, a time for thriving and not just surviving. It is a new day, and truth is the name of the game in this Aquarian age.

But with all good change and transition comes a few messy moments (perhaps an understatement?) of cleaning out the old closet to bring in the fresh, new now. It is a new time for women – finally! So how to we bring the above statements into actualization? And how do we let go of all the YUCK we have been hearing about (and putting up with) in the workplace, home, and media? Let us form a new tool belt.

1. Forgive. 
Unfortunately there is no way around this one. You want to be lighter, more productive, and free of anyone else’s old unhealthy thoughts, then we must clear our own as well. Forgive yourself. Forgive biology, nature, God, and history. Forgive another.  

2. Notice your thought patterning. 
Become your own greatest witness. Catch when you are about to get unkind yourself. When a thought comes up from your old training, forgive and exhale out it out. Remember that the truth now is that we are liberated as women. 

3. Deeper breathing. 
Use the pause in your breathing as your current greatest asset. This entails slow, deep inhales for a count of 6-8, pausing for the same number, and exhaling even deeper to a count of 6-8.  The release is in the exhale. You can even add an extra count to get that old energy out from deep in your lungs (as well as psyche, heart, or mind closet.)

4. Clean out your closet. Literally. Or a drawer.
Make physical space for the new. Invite a friend over if if need the support!

5. Write a goodbye letter. 
Simple and quick but the effect is very real and powerful. Say goodbye to the old way a male may have shown dominance in your life. Or ways you may dominate another from your masculine training. To get a step in the world, many women felt they have to give up the heart for the head. Let go of this old fight. The old patriarchy has not gotten the memo yet, but it’s coming.

6. Move with ease.
Grant your self at least 5-10 minutes a day to move as you wish outside of organized movement like a class with someone instructing you. Walk to coffee, dance, move gracefully from a parking lot, or stretch your legs or shoulders out.

7. Commit to brevity. 
In speech. In real time. The long explanation, excuses, and defenses are over. The truth is powerful and brief. If you catch yourself not being brief, check in with what you are really trying to say and create. Then go gently when you see that this new time is not for fighting or survival, but for thriving.

8. Use your higher wise sight/third eye.
I often refer this region of your mind as the wise prefrontal cortex, or executive function, of your beautiful self. Do not shy away from exploring this region of your mind that is already in tact and ready for use! This wise, producing part of you helps deeply and productively with work, going, choosing some rest time, doing things independently, maintaining relationships, and trusting yourself. Go be you!