Featured Event: Metrics Are People, Too!

Metrics Are People Too.jpg

M-m-metrics? If words like "marketing funnel" and "Lean Startup Methodology" make you go WTF, you're in good company. Most of us got into that entrepreneur life because of the creative allure, not the numbers. Yet we all know the hard truth: Metrics are a necessary evil if you want to run a successful business.

But fear not. We've scouted out a friendly face who has managed to do the unthinkable: Humanize metrics. We're talking about Joni Goldbach of Heroic Aspirations. You might have seen her around town at Bossladies Work Sesh or Wrkspc Oasis. Her resume reads like a marketing love letter, one that would have corporate recruiters lined up out the door to court her. But lucky for us, she's gone the entrepreneurial route and would rather work with fellow female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her unique experience combines more than 10 years in marketing, UX, and product management. She even helped create a thing for AMEX that oh, you might have heard of, called Small Business Saturday (which happens to be coming up on November 25th).

But beyond her impressive resume, what we love about Joni is that she takes the intimidation factor out of learning metrics. For most of us, numbers are a total snoozefest because the information is hard to apply to real life scenarios. Joni has a unique way of taking her years of experience and super brain, and translating it all into terms we can understand as it relates to our business, our customers, and the products or services we offer.

While the workshop is certainly an essential educational experience, trust us when we say Metrics Are People, Too doesn't feel like school. It was interactive and fun to use a different part of our brain than we ordinarily do day-to-day. And it made everyone in the room look at business from various new angles.

So do your bottom line a favor and sign up for this November 12th workshop.