Featured Event: Femme Appetit

Femme Appetit-Conscious Dining

Femme Appetit is like having a bunch of your girl friends over for dinner, except the kitchen's not yours and you have no idea what you're making. There's no preset menu, name cards, or minimum cooking experience required to attend. The produce and spices (supplied by Imperfect Produce) are a fun surprise to everyone, even to co-founder Kaitlin Mogentale when she goes to pick it up before the event. It's this organized chaos that brings out a fun and lively, collaborative flow to Femme Appetit's conscious dining experiences. 

We all love the energy and community of group dining, but going all the time can break the bank and fill up that bikini bod with overly rich, heavy foods. In comparison, cooking at home can feel lonely and uninspiring. Co-founders Kaitlin and Jackie Ho felt your pain, girl. And that's why they launched Femme Appetit. This monthly cook/gab/self-care sesh brings women back into the kitchen, working together to prepare a healthy meal from scratch using local farmers market produce. Cooking is a great way to break the ice and naturally start convos, which is great for those of us who would rather drop our toothbrush into the toilet of a Taco Bell than sign up for activities where we don't know anyone.

And if you thought a night of cooking with cool, compassionate women and nourishing your body with healthy food would pair well with say, the new moon, Jackie and Kaitlin have got you covered. When these two say you're going to "eat and elevate," they mean it. Save your spot here.