Featured Event: Growing Your Business with Collaboration

Baily Hancock-Growing Your Business with Collaboration

Stop, collaborate, and listen. You won't want to miss this July 18th workshop that's all about using collaboration to build your business and ultimately, airdrop more money into the bank.

Sure, you can always pay people to do things. It's 2017. You can buy followers, run Facebook ads, or pay someone to deliver your ice cream just so you don't have to put on pants. But when you're running your own business, you've got to make every dollar count. Enter Baily Hancock. She's the friendly face and bosslady behind The Career Experiment and Collaboration Consulting. She's amazing with people – the kind of amazing that makes you feel like you've been sharing your Lunchables with her your whole life, even though you just met her in line at the gas station. She's a natural connector, teacher, speaker, and networker. So it comes as no surprise that she's also a pro at building business partnerships. Her workshop "Growing Your Business with Collaboration" will dive into all the different ways to work smarter, not harder by teaming up with like-minded brands. You'll learn how to create collaborations that will do amazing things for your business like grow your audience organically, get the word out about your brand, and generate the right kind of buzz on a budget – just to name a few perks. Register here to step your collaboration game up with us.