Featured Event: Wrkspc Oasis

Wrkspc Oasis

Wrkspc Oasis is a fan-favorite over here at Yes She Can. It's a winning combination of coworking and wellness, and hey the gift bags sure don't hurt either. Since April, co-founders Mikayla Mitchell and Kristine Lopez have hosted Wrkspc Oasis once a month at Parachute Hotel in Venice. It's an all-day affair with plenty of time to lounge, chat up new friends, or plug away on your laptop and get shit done. Lunch is provided, as well as holistic treatments from carefully selected practitioners, and a group meditation mid-afternoon. We recommend buying the $85 Day Pass, which will also get you access to the evening workshop. This month's workshop is Get to Know Your Customers + Clarify Your Value Proposition with Rachel Parker-Chavez of Defining Good, and we better see every female entrepreneur in LA there because duh.

Wrkspc Oasis is unique obviously because of the woo-woo, which creates a peaceful ambiance to work or connect with other women. But more than that, it's the intention and supportive environment created by Mikayla and Kristine. These two are the ultimate hosts from start to finish: Giving hugs to old friends and new as they arrive, making sure everyone gets a gift bag, keeping the holistic treatments on schedule, offering extension cords to anyone who may need one.

The day definitely flies by, and before you know it, you've stuffed your face with the complimentary stashes of coconut chips and have a purse full of new business cards. Namaste, free snacks and wifi. Namaste.

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