We've Got Her Back: Suzanne Lewis of ZANNI

If Batman wore a dress, this would be it.

We've been obsessed with ZANNI since they launched their first collection of "Dresses for Whatever" in June. Ask any bosslady wearing one and you'll get variations of the same answer:

I've worn mine two days in a row.
I've worn mine all week.
I don't want to wear any of my other clothes.

ZANNI dresses are made from a luxury, technical fabric sourced from Italy and stitched right here in downtown LA. The feel is everything you love about your favorite yoga pants – stretchy, breathable, and not see-through. ZANNI dresses are the perfect bosslady wardrobe staples because they're built for style AND function. We have shit to do, and when we slip one of these bad boys on, we can go from meeting to meeting to meeting then straight to dinner without having to pack a change of clothes.

ZANNI was created by Suzanne Lewis, a Boston native and UI/UX designer who moved to LA only two years ago. Compared to most of us who spent the first few years in LA floundering and paying off parking tickets, Suzanne is making things happen at lightning speed. She had the idea for a functional but stylish dress one summer night in Massachusetts while riding her bike to dinner. She was wearing a cotton dress and wished there were a better alternative, one that she could move comfortably in but also not look like she just left the gym and didn't have time to change.

There wasn't, so she set out to make one. When Suzanne and her boyfriend moved to LA, she hit the ground running. With a background in tech and no fashion experience, Suzanne reached out to people who had skillsets different from her own. That eventually led her to a design expert who helped her source the perfect fabric and find the right manufacturer in downtown LA.

Now with five dress styles in their arsenal, ZANNI dresses are quickly becoming a wardrobe staple for female entrepreneurs and women on the go. Pick up a dress (or five) in person at Unique LA on August 19th and 20th!