Intuitive Jill Willard's 8 Tips for Balancing Your Feminine Side When You Work in a Male-Dominated Industry

Jill Willard black and white

It's a great time to be a female entrepreneur. Women around the globe are shattering glass ceilings, kicking down doors, and disrupting the status quo. But not everyone is doing it in a Pinterest-inspired office decked out in millennial pink. A lot of the real changemakers are quietly shaking things up in male-dominated industries like science, tech, and politics. And when it comes to raising capital for women-owned businesses, most female/female-identifying entrepreneurs will tell you how tough it is to secure funding because investors are typically still older, white men.

Since it may be a few more years until the patriarchy crumbles entirely, we sat down with renowned intuitive, medium, and author of Intuitive Being, Jill Willard for tips on how to balance feminine energy with the masculine when you work in an environment that encourages masculine traits and behaviors. In Intuitive Being, Jill teaches readers how to open their intuition by balancing the masculine and feminine sides of the brain and guides them through the seven energy centers (also known as chakras). "Keep in front of your mind that this time is very wonderful for the gender of women," she reminded us. "The wind is at our back. We've got this. You are capable."

Here's what Jill had to say to all the ladybosses hard at work in "old boys club" workplaces:

1. Stay completely you. Use your gut instinct as well as your open heart. You are made for this time as a capable female.

2. Remember that your value has nothing to do with your physical attributes. Your worth is within. See the job you are in as a true test to be fully in your wonderful, feminine nature.

3. Forgive when you are not seen or heard. Calmly hold space and offer your true nature with kind self assertion, if needed. Changing dynamics are swiftly offering new ways for women to be in the workplace. Times are changing, which is hard for men too.

4. Know your worth. As women, we know our internal worth, so there's no need to seek approval from anyone. You may not always be liked, but be proud of how you were made.

5. Take care of yourself, almost like a big sister to your current self. Get rest. When we are grouchy everyone pays and females often do not get as much leeway to feel human as others may.

6. Breathe, very deeply and serenely when possible. This is for calm in the bank when things are copacetic and also for extra presence when you're witnessing conflict so that you don't jump into the fuel.

7. Don't leave your faith or heart at the door, nor use it as an advantage. Keep yourself neutral to advances that might get you a leg up in the short term yet feel uneven in the long term.

8. Give where you can, but not to be used. Remember: Service, not servant.