Featured Event: Authentic Branding Workshop with Satsuki Shibuya

Authentic Branding by Satsuki Shibuya

The outside world is noisy. Every day it asks a lot of us. As women, moms, entrepreneurs, and creatives, we wear multiple hats and move seamlessly from one role to another in a single day. It's no surprise that many feel a disconnect between who we really are and who we present to the outside world.

Satsuki Shibuya hopes to bridge that gap in her upcoming workshop "Authentic Branding." She's an artist and spiritual thinker, and we can't think of a better person to guide us through a day of authenticity. For those of us who have followed her work over the years, whether it's painting in her signature style, writing, speaking, or energy work, Satsuki's creations are all grounded in authenticity. 

Seriously, she's the real effing deal, y'all.

That's why we're so excited about Authentic Branding. It's a unique spin on branding – less of the marketing or business term we hear so often in the female entrepreneurial community and more about self-reflection, self-connection, and (surprise!) authenticity. The star of the workshop is not your business, your website, or even your brand – it's YOU. Because according to Satsuki, we can all learn to present ourselves to the world in a way that connects with our hearts and our visions. This is what creates a real connection with the person we're talking to or the situation we're in.

So rather than working on branding visuals or target audiences, Authentic Branding is a dedicated day of self-exploration, a chance to connect with who you really are beyond your status or occupation. Through various exercises from her own artistic practice, Satsuki hopes to give people a starting point for deeper exploration. You'll find what works for you and gradually take steps to reconcile that authentic, inner self with the version of you that you share with the outside world. To ensure a safe and intimate space for everyone to go inward, she's keeping the class size small (read: limited spots available). So whether you're an extrovert or introvert, you have nothing to worry about. And no matter where you're at on your entrepreneurial journey, or even if you're not on one at all, you'll glean plenty of applicable life lessons from this personalized experience. Also there's snacks, coffee, swag AND a special guest appearance from Ted Vadakan, co-founder of Poketo (yay!) included in the ticket price. Register here.