Featured Event: Yellow Conference

Although women's conferences are a dime a dozen these days, Yellow Conference has been leading the movement for years, long before it was considered cool to invest in us and rally women together. Yellow Conference always been rooted in providing tangible tools to equip, empower, and ignite women of all generations who feel like they want to – and can – change the world.

Since its inaugural conference in 2014, Yellow Conference has been about substance, connection, and meaningful programming. That's a stark contrast to a lot of other women's conferences that tend to be more about Instagram photo ops and billing themselves as a celebrity-studded affairs. The theme for this year's Yellow Conference is The Present Journey. And given how obsessed with achievement our current culture is, this couldn't be more appropriate. As women, we are so much more than our businesses, and the women who organize Yellow Conference actually seem to remember and embody that.

The gathering kicks off on Thursday, August 24th and features two full days of diverse speakers with a range of backgrounds including activism, retail, music, writing, and more. For anyone who wants to get the most out of the experience, Saturday is a bonus third day of workshop offerings and a chance to really hone in. Attendees can choose from unique workshops like "The New Rules of PR: How to Engage with Media & Influencers" and "Are You Ready for Funding? Create Your Funding Strategy + Pitch Deck," led by women who have proven expertise in their fields. We recommend snagging a Workshop Day Pass ($247) if you plan to attend more than one. Otherwise, workshops are $97 a pop.

With two-day conference tickets already priced at $347, a ticket to Yellow Conference isn't a purchase to be taken lightly. And in this community of female creatives and entrepreneurs, we certainly have to pick our spots. But if you ask us, Yellow Conference is totally worth the investment (and the incredible goody bags certainly help). They have a proven track record – just ask anyone who's attended a past event. And most importantly, they prioritize truth and community. A lot of events claim to be about connecting and uplifting women, but few actually deliver. Yellow Conference delivers every time.