Featured Event: September Mastermind Dinner Party with Jan McCarthy

Jan McCarthy September Mastermind Dinner

If you don't know Jan McCarthy, you might want to rethink your hangout spots. Jan is the OG downtown LA female entrepreneur. She's had her pulse on DTLA before DTLA was even really a thing, and has been working with female entrepreneurs long before Netflix was around to make shows about it. A few of us in this community have a saying: What Would Jan Do? If you frequent entrepreneurial events downtown, chances are you will or have already run into Jan. And that's how you know you're in the right spot.

Jan is an artist, a podcast host, and entrepreneur coach. But more importantly, she's warm, sincere, and encouraging. Her presence is calming, and she has a way of validating your thoughts and anxieties without having to say much. That's what makes her such a great host, whether it's at an intimate dinner party or on an episode of her podcast, Entrepreneurial Voice with Jan McCarthy. Her monthly Mastermind Dinners are cozy and welcoming, with seating limited to 12 people for that very reason. The space is gorgeous and bright – perfect for a group of sharp and refined women. Jan cooks everything on the menu that night herself, which is another one of her many creative talents. For anyone who might be new or shy about meeting new people, these dinners are a soft landing and worth every penny. There's plenty of time to mix and mingle, but there are also pre-planned elements to ground the evening, like going around the table and answering the question of the night, or sharing the best business advice you can think of with the group.

Snag your spot at her September Mastermind Dinner here, and then gear up for a night of good conversation, good food, and dessert. Did we mention dessert?