Featured Event: Give Growth: Create Abundance for the Social Good

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Every once in a while, we come across an event that sets out to make a real impact, an event with an ambitious goal to shake up the status quo. This week, that event is Give Growth: Create Abundance for Social Good by The Glow Effect. Unlike many women's empowerment events that focus on creating financial abundance in our own lives (which is also very important), Give Growth hopes to challenge us as female entrepreneurs to broaden the scope to creating abundance in our communities. "Female leadership and empowerment is so much bigger than negotiating our new salary confidently," said Saren Stiegel, founder of The Glow Effect. "It’s really about creating a life strategy around social good." 

While many of us in the female entrepreneur community are familiar with social good on some level, exploring it through the lens of female leadership is a totally different ball game. "The conversation tends to be around 'girlboss' and 'be the boss.' But being a boss isn’t helping anybody," said Saren. When the focus is less on us as sole proprietors or small businesses and more on our communities at large, the burning question then shifts from "How do I create abundance for myself?" to "How can I create my own abundance so that I can better serve others?" or even, "How do I create abundance for others?" 

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It's not an easy conversation, but it's a hell of an important one. That's why we're so excited to join The Glow Effect at Give Growth on February 8th at WeWork Constellation. The evening will feature small roundtable discussions with A-list women like Monica Marquez, Global Head of Community Advisory, Diversity & Inclusion Lab at Google, Michelle Egdar, Founder and CEO of The XX Project, Megan Sette, Co-Founder of The Heart Series, and more, followed by bigger group discussions. 

Tickets range from $49-59, which includes dinner (hello, total steal!) and a swag bag. And even better, Yes She Can readers can use code GLOWAMBASSADOR10 for 10% off your ticket. This is also The Glow Effect's only event in LA for 2018, so you don't want to miss a night of great conversation with thought leaders and women who are ready to make some real changes in their communities. We'll see you there!