Equal Pay Is a Two-Way Street


While Equal Pay Day is still fresh in our minds, I want to take a second to acknowledge and cheer on everyone who posted about racial pay disparities among women. I had posted an IG story about it early in the day and was so happy to see so many women's groups do the same. It shows that we are all aligned and recognize that the problem with unequal pay extends beyond the gender pay gap. By acknowledging the issues, we can work toward leveling the playing field. On the other hand, it was also easy to spot hypocrisy among certain women's groups yesterday, ones that post about equal pay but pay very little (or nothing at all) to the hardworking women who help them build their women's empowerment empires.

What I've found from being in this space is that women are a hell of a workforce. When we get into an idea or want to support a cause, organization, or person, we're all in. We volunteer our time, our resources – you name it. That's why we have so much spending power in this economy. But the flipside is I see a lot of men and women at the top of their organizations taking advantage of that, cashing in on women's dedication, excitement, and willingness to contribute. And it gets under my skin when it's women doing it to other women, as the head of a company rooted in women's empowerment.

As solopreneurs and female entrepreneurs, money is tight. Don't pay out what you're not even bringing in, I get it. But the exchange doesn't have to be monetary. It can be energetic or a kind gesture just to show that you're not making your living off the backs of an unpaid or under appreciated people. Our amazing community of female entrepreneurs here in LA is built on support, partnerships, and collaborations. So for any of you graciously volunteering your time or services to different women's groups that don't fall in the realm of charity or nonprofit organizations, I encourage you to be mindful of your time, your energy, and your kind heart. Equal pay, in any context, is a two-way street.