Point+Shoot Streamlines Content Creation for Entrepreneurs with a Pop-Up Production Studio

  Photo by  ShareGrid  on  Unsplash

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

New female entrepreneurs and tech startups have more in common that you'd think. Just take it from former Tastemade producer and founder of Point+Shoot, Joanna Gryfe. At Tastemade, Joanna often found herself asking, "How do you take one shoot and squeeze three months of content out of it for multiple platforms?" Fortunately, maximizing content output is perhaps what unscripted TV producers know best. Ask anyone who's ever worked on set and they'll tell you that it's long hours and a skeleton crew, among other things. So with shows like Rachael Ray and Top Chef under her belt, Joanna was no stranger to creating content on a limited budget when she arrived at Tastemade. But the volume of content she had to crank out – well that was just trial by fire.

"When Tastemade became a Snapchat Discover channel and a Facebook output partner, we realized we needed to churn out a ton of content to feed the refresh rate on those platforms and our own channels. That's when I was tasked with getting the Tastemade studio producing content non-stop to meet that demand," she said. 

A ton of content produced on a limited budget. Sound familiar? Point+Shoot is the latest company to set its sights on female entrepreneurs in LA. The pop-up content studio allows customers to book production blocks of up to three hours in a single day for a flat fee. The block includes studio space, gear, crew, and even insurance and legal resources.

The idea for Point+Shoot came when Joanna realized that LA's new entrepreneurs and small businesses were also looking for the same turnkey production resources that she had previously helped build and run at Tastemade, but tailored to their respective content niche and limited budget. "This isn't the over-the-top agency shoot where 50 people are on set, three levels of decision making and insane budgets," she said. "It's the client calling the shots with a producer, photographer or videographer, and an assistant, all there to make it all happen and advise."

Every thing that goes into a Point+Shoot block is carefully chosen to maximize efficiency. Unlike the stark feeling of a typical production studio, Joanna and her team intentionally partner with boutique co-working spaces for their pop-ups, like Industrious and The Riveter, that are non-traditional but functional and offer amenities for a comfortable experience. "It's a totally new take on production and I like keeping the vibe very efficient but fun and laid-back," she said. The model was designed to be flexible, affordable, and approachable for almost any business, whether it's a solo entrepreneur or mid-size company looking to produce content for a variety of digital platforms. 

And just as it is with the actual production, the creative process is streamlined as well. After a client registers on the Point+Shoot website, Joanna schedules a call to discuss the vision and needs for the shoot. So come shoot day, all the customer has to do is show up and the crew is fully briefed, set up, and ready to go.

Point+Shoot is now taking reservations for its June pop-up at The Riveter, where it will be from June 1st-June 7th.