Featured Event: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Finding Your Chill

  Photo by  Naomi August  on  Unsplash

Photo by Naomi August on Unsplash

Stress. Burnout. Self-care. Female entrepreneurs know these buzzwords all too well. For most of us, teetering between these three in search of some sort of balance is our M.O. week to week. And even though the topic of stress has been written and talked about ad nauseam in mainstream media, here we all are, one notch away from burnout at any given moment.

Do The Good Stuff gets it, and not surprisingly so. As a website dedicated to helping women find the tools they need to take care of themselves, lifestyles of high stress, low energy, and inadequate care aren’t norms they're willing to accept. So they're taking that on in real life with the launch of their first event, The No Bullsh*t Guide to Finding Your Chill, and challenging the “stressed out” story by asking the question we should all be asking: Now what?

Naturally, the answer to that question is complicated, as managing stress is a subjective process where one-size-fits-all solutions are bound to fail. Unlike other health and wellness events, The No Bullsh*t Guide to Finding Your Chill is designed to give attendees tangible solutions for managing stress and feeling good. That means a multi-prong approach and finding which one works best for you, which is what Do The Good Stuff is all about. The day is thoughtfully laid out to experts on movement, mindfulness, technology, and – what we're really excited about – CBD. In addition to an informative afternoon, attendees will walk away with an actual toolkit, consisting of goodies from Dosist, Ban.do, ClassPass, HUM, Four Sigmatic, and more.

The No Bullsh*T Guide to Finding Your Chill is happening this Saturday, May 19th at WeWork Pacific Design Center from 11am-3pm. It is the first event in The Feel Good Series, a series of community workshops presented by Savoir Collab and Do The Good Stuff offering IRL toolkits for owning how you feel and redefining what it means to take care. View full event details and purchase tickets here. And just for Yes She Can readers, use promo code YSC for $15 off.