We Dreamed of It Then The Lev Actually Did It: A Bookstore for Women and Writers of Color

Photo by The Lev

Photo by The Lev

Those of us who grew up loving the smell and sanctuary of bookstores, and those of us who recall fond childhood memories of hours spent perusing the shelves and running our fingers along rows of hardcover and paperback spines, The Lev is a booklover's entrepreneurial dream come true. And it's right here in LA.

The Lev is a community bookstore with its heart set on promoting women writers and writers of color. Past author signings and book events read of familiar names like Girls At Library and Yrsa Daley-Ward. Owner Miriam Chan, who handpicks every title stocked, believes that in these polarizing times, reading is key. "Reading other peoples’ stories helps build empathy and understanding." That's the larger mission of The Lev, to amplify the voices of underrepresented people, one book at a time.

The Lev recently completed its popup run in Venice, and has launched an iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign to find a permanent home in LA.

If you're interested a popup with The Lev, contact Miriam at hello@thelev.co.